Taylor walked right up and joined the the group of girl’s chatting without skipping a beat. I love her confidence and style. She was so much fun to shoot! (Thanks for crawling up that hill!) @goldfinchfiles on IG
I got to snag a moment of Ean Tatum’s time at the Street Meet this month! Sooo happy I got the chance, this guy has such style! @itseantatum on IG.


My friend Jared gave me the heads up to this great event. Hyena Culture is a Loft Space in Pioneer Square Seattle that is opening it’s doors to creatives. For their launch event, they invited photographers to come and play in their space, while models and local shops sponsored with props, set ups, and food! So much talent in one packed place.


Seattle Street Meet is finally back! I didn’t get a lot of shots this going round - still getting the hang of things again and it was freezing cold, but it was nice to see so many faces once more and get back into the groove of things. I look forward to everything this year is going to bring.

Also! Added a new Before & After section if you’d like to see how I edit my shots. Still working on videos…


My second shoot with Alisha where it was about modeling (we’ve done engagement shoots and other fun stuff before). It’s nice to work with people you know, as when you’re learning to pose someone, they have the patience to deal with you. Alisha has a very strong classic beauty about her. I’m often reminded of Cindy Crawford of Gina Gershon. Do you see it too?


I’m so thrilled I had the chance to shoot with Cloe, as she’ll be leaving the country soon on a trip to South America for 6 months. She’s truly been one of my favorite models to work with, inspiring me every time she makes a tiny little move. These shots turned out far better than I’d hoped. So good we forgot to use the mirrors I’d brought as props!


We found ourselves with no work, on the 31st, meaning our cozy weekend turned into an unexpected 4 days off. Already dressed and ready to go, we took off and chased the fog around Bellevue, Medina, and finally into Seattle. Stopping of course for Papas Hot Potatoes, coffee and cake at Flying Apron, and some new plans on the way home.